On a gray and rainy day like today, it can be hard to think about something as joyful as creativity. However, days like this remind me that creativity is a process that takes lots of messy input to make a beautiful product. After all, the earth’s splendid creativity can only blossom into flowers with the help of nourishing rain!

As Marcie Kindred’s time as our Music Director comes to a close, I think that the UU Church of Cheyenne is entering a time of blessed and messy input. As we search for and welcome a new person into that role, there are sure to be some changes! And, while we are between music directors, maybe some things will get done a bit differently. I see all of that as part of a bigger process of creative growth for this congregation. Y’all are a marvelously musical congregation, and there are new possibilities blooming just around the bend (even if it seems a little cloudy sometimes).

I’m also looking forward to a month of worship that honors all of the different kinds of creativity in our community!

Sunday, May 6th we’ll be celebrating Marcie’s last Sunday as Music Director. Come join us for some reflection and a service filled with hearty, a cappella singing. It is sure to be a joyful celebration of the music ministry that Marcie and UUCC have done together!

Sunday, May 13th we’ll gather in worship to consider how we can nourish our creativity! I’ll be here, but instead of a sermon, we’ll hear from artists (of all kinds!) from our congregation about how they nourish their own creativity.

Sunday, May 20th will be a joyful, all ages celebration of our shared dreams as a congregation! Then, after worship, we will gather for our annual business meeting. Please plan to join us!

And finally, on May 27th, we will be celebrating our youth who are graduating this year with a Bridging Sunday as we welcome them into young adulthood.


I’m so grateful for all of the creativity within this congregation. Take some nourishment from the rain and get ready to bloom!


In faith,

Rev. Hannah