UU triple logoDo you want to get involved in Church activities or want to learn more about them?

Come, have fun and be with us. You are welcome.

Church activities are open to all – visitors, friends, members.

Click here for our Events Page or read our weekly e-letters. (To sign up for these, please contact the church at administrator@uucheyenne.org or call 307-638-4554) Or read the weekly announcements in our Sunday morning bulletin, “like” us on FaceBook.

For more ways to get involved, check out the the committees and activities page.

Do you need to submit an announcement for the weekly e-mail, UUCC This Week and Beyond… ?

  1. Submission deadline is Tuesday before 10 AM.
  2. Please submit announcements to administrator@uucheyenne.org.
  3. Announcements on CD or hand-written/typed announcements should be delivered or mailed to the office and received by the due date.
  4. E-mail announcements are usually then included in the next Sunday order of service.
  5. Please remember that not all members/friends have or use email.
  6. If you are not receiving the weekly e-mail announcements, contact the office.

Do you need to submit an announcement for the Sunday service?

  1. Submission deadline is Sunday before 10 AM.
  2. Please place announcements in the mailbox which has been created for it in the hallway where the other mailboxes are.
  3. Alternatively, announcements may be submitted to administrator@uucheyenne.org by Thursday at 10 AM. Please specify in the email that it is for Sunday service announcement.

     Do you need to schedule a room?

    1. Please call (638-4554) or send an email to administrator@uucheyenne.org as far in advance as possible, but no more than 90 days, and review the current Building Use Fees.
    2. Then fill out either a Building Use Form or a Building Use Agreement (usually used for non-church-related activities.)
    3. Building Use Forms are also located in the caddy next to the women’s restroom on the main floor. Forms can also be sent to you via e-mail; contact the church office.
    4. The administrator will check room availability and get back to you about availability as soon as possible.
    5. Be sure to review and follow the Building Lock-up Procedures which are also available in the caddy by the women’s restrooms on the first floor.
    6. Please review specific guidelines for childcare during any activity.
    7. Rooms are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is best if you can reserve your room as much in advance as possible but not more than 90 days. Also, keep in mind that church sponsored activities take priority and your event could potentially get moved. In this event, the church administrator will contact you to make acceptable arrangements for your event.

     Do you need to get into the building?

    1. For short term building use, contact the office to get a “loaner” key.
    2. If you need a key on an on-going basis, contact the office.

     Do you need to know about your committee’s budget?

    1. For a report on account expenditures or budget status, contact the treasurer or the administrator or review the most recent annual report.

     Do you need make a tax exempt purchase for your committee?

    1. The church is sales tax exempt.
    2. If you need proof of tax exempt status for purchases you make for the church, please contact the office.

    Do you need to be reimbursed for committee expenditures?

    1. Complete a Request for Reimbursement form, which are also located in the caddy next to the women’s restroom on the main floor, and attach receipts.
    2. The Request for Reimbursement form must have your signature and the signature of the committee chair.
    3. Return the form to the office.

     Do you need to request a check?

    1. If you need a church check, generally to pay a speaker/musician honorarium, fill out a green Check Request form  also located in the caddy by the women’s restroom.
    2. Return the Request form to the office. If possible, please request the check a week in advance of when you need it.
    3. The check will be given to you or to the person receiving the honorarium.

    Do you need to make photocopies for your committee or event?

    1. Black and white copies can be make on the photocopier in the office. Color copies can be made on the laser printer in the office from electronic media.

     Do you need to send postcards or do a mailing for your committee?

    1. The administrator can assist in creating documents and sending mailings for your committee.

    Does your committee need in-house publicity or a sign up sheet for an event you’re planning?

    1. Flyers for your event can be inserted in the Sunday order of service. The administrator can assist in creating flyers.
    2. Sign up sheets and posters can be placed at Clipboard Corner in the church lobby. Clipboards and poster holders are located in the back of the Membership Table in the lobby. The administrator can assist in creating posters and sign up sheets.
    3. Posters for your event can be posted on your committee’s bulletin board or on the Welcome and Information bulletin board in the lobby.

    Do you need to know where your committee’s mail is?

    1. Each standing committee and several teams and activities have mailboxes/cubbies in the hallway across from the main floor restrooms.
    2. The mailboxes are labeled and are in alphabetical order.
    3. Messages and other important information are frequently left in these mailboxes by staff and members of the congregation. Committees are asked to check their mailboxes regularly.

    Do you want to donate an item to the church?

    1. If you purchase items and would like to donate them or if you have items to donate, the church can supply you with a receipt and/or a donation letter if you would like one. Contact the office.

     Does your committee need supplies?

    1. Paper, tape, pens and other supplies are available in the upstairs of the office. Please contact the Administrator to get access to the supplies as the office is locked unless it is during office business hours. There are also some additional supplies kept locked in the closet in the basement.
    2. You are welcome to use any supplies the church has.
    3. If you need specific items for your event or group, we can arrange to buy or order those items given enough advance notice.

     Need to get in touch with someone?

    Check the REALM directory either through the website or an app (free from the app stores) on your phone. or you can contact the office at 307-638-4554 and request one.