Our new church management system through REALM is now up and running for membership and contributions.  We hope you will create an account soon and begin to take advantage of the functions available to us through this new system.  Contact the Bookkeeping Team at bookkeeper@uucheyenne.org and we will send you an invitation.

One important function of the REALM system is the ability to offer several different ways for you to contribute electronically to the support of our church.  Not only is electronic giving convenient and secure for you, but it also has a positive impact on the environment by eliminating the resources that are consumed in the production, transportation, processing, and disposal of paper checks. 

The funds you can contribute to electronically are:

  1. Non-Pledge Contribution – This is a donation to the congregation’s General Operating Fund.
  2. Sunday / Share the Plate – This is a contribution to our Sunday offering plate which will be shared 50/50 with our Share the Plate partner of the month.
  3. Pledge Payment – This is a payment on an existing annual pledge commitment.
  4. Other funds may be available on a temporary basis so be sure to look at the drop-down menu when you select the fund for your gift.

If you already have a Realm account, you can give electronically by:

  1. Signing in on the Realm website at onrealm.org  or
  2. Using the Realm Connect app which you can download from your app store

Here are the ways you can give electronically to UUCC whether or not you have a Realm account:

  1. Give Now
    • Click on this link:  GiveUUCC
    • Enter the amount you want to give, select a fund, frequency and start date, and enter your email address
    • Click Give and enter your payment method
  2. Text Giving
    • Text “UUCC” to 73256
    • Click the link you receive in your text message response
    • Follow the prompts
      • Text giving saves your payment method so you can quickly give again
  3. Have UUCC set up your recurring contributions
    • Download and complete the Authorization form.
    • Return the completed form to UUCC
      • Mail the completed form to UUCC, 3005 Thomes Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001
      • Drop the completed form in the lock box on the office door at church
      • Please do not send authorization forms by email

Thank you for your continuing support of our community!


Pledges form the basis of the Church’s revenue sources and are critical to keeping our programs going! All members and friends are invited to pledge of their resources each year. Pledges are best made by returning a pledge form, which can be done at any time of year. We have moved to Evergreen Pledging, which means once you make a pledge, it will roll over year to year. We ask that you review your pledge yearly in light of the church’s needs and your own situation. Changes can be made at any time of the year. Each year, we will send a letter reminding you to review your pledge. You can opt out of Evergreen pledging by checking the box on the form (linked below).

Why do we pledge? This church belongs to each of us. We pledge to fund the daily operations and to ensure that the church and its resources are here for us and for others now and in the future.

What is the money used for? Pledge and other revenue sources (rental, investment, fundraising, donations) support our worship and music programs, our religious education program, programs for members and friends, community outreach, and connections to Unitarian Universalism. Our budget reflects our mission and vision.

To make a change to an existing pledge on Realm, please delete your current payment, or put an end date on it, and create a new payment to ensure you do not have two payments withdrawn.

2024 Pledge Form